Different Page Templates

This theme offers different page templates to create pages like: Projects, Our Staff etc.

1. Grid Page Template

Projects and Our Staff pages are using “Grid Page” template.

Navigate to the pages and open a new page. Choose “Grid Page” template from the “Page Attributes”!


a) Top Content Block


To add the image as a background just upload the featured image. Size of the image we used in the live demo is 2600 x 400px. If you don’t upload a featured image it will have the dark gray background.


Content on the top of the image pulls the page title and content you add inside the editor.


Write your page title and add small portion of the text inside the editor that will appear under the page title.

Content we added in the editor is:

Get to know our <span class="color">happiness</span> team

b) Four column child pages content


You’ll need to open different child pages (as many as you want) and they will show up in 4 column layout.


Inside the editor for each child page add the content you want to show and upload the featured image (optional). We used “Full Background Image Page” template inside the “page Attributes”.


If you want to have staff info like in the demo add this inside the editor and change with your content.


        <li><strong>Email</strong>: aishase@maisha.org</li>
        <li><a href="#"><strong>Twitter</strong>: @aishase</a></li>
        <li><strong>TEL</strong>: 08992 7248297</li>